University Units

(based in Karlovasi, Samos )

The University Unit of Samos has its headquarters in the city of Karlovasi . It has the School of Sciences - consisting of the Departments of: Mathematics, Information and Communication Systems Engineering and the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science – its administration and its Library (a Branch of the Central University Library).

The society of Samos has been generous to the University. The School of Sciences is housed both in neoclassical buildings of particular value, which have been donated to the University, and in rented buildings in the city of Karlovasi . The School is also hosted in another donated building, called “Maniakeio”, which is in the city of Vathi.

Karlovasi, the second biggest city of the island of Samos , is an islander city with past, present and future, and is 35 km. away from the city of Samos . It has a big commercial harbour, a lot of government services and is considered to be the commercial centre of island. The neoclassical buildings in the Ormos (lit. Bight), the Limani (lit. Harbour) and elsewhere, the imposing tanneries, the Commercial School, the Hegemonic Palace, the building named Hatzigianneio (where the University Library is housed), the churches and the villages of the wider area are particular tourist sightseeing, and they make up a picture that is the evidence of the history and the rich culture of this place.

Karlovasi was an appreciable commercial and industrial centre of tanneries with a lot of exports and wealth. Most prominent in the continuation of the economic growth of the area is the wine factory of EOSS that produces the world reknown “Sweet Wine of Samos”.

The island of Samos is a bright green mountainous island of 475 square kilometres with extent and 36,750 inhabitants, with a history that goes back in time. Homeland of Pythagoras and Aristarchus, it knew a great cultural booming during the 19 th century. Samos is famous for its archaeological findings and sites, its history as well as its natural wealth. It has a unique natural landscape with beautiful sandy beaches, the mountain Kerkis (1,160 m. high), picturesque villages, small harbours and a number of historical monuments. Some of the most representative and interesting sightseeing of the island are: the Efpalineio Ditch, Pythagoras' cave, the waterfalls and the Byzantine church of the Lord's Transformation (which was built in the 11 th century) in the city of Karlovasi, the kouros of Kolossiko (i.e. a free- standing statue of a nude youth), 550 cm high, which of Ionic order and was made in the 6 th century B.C.), the monasteries and the picturesque villages.

Samos is connected with Piraeus, Thessaloniki and other Aegean islands by ship (with high speed and conventional ferries) and Athens, Thessaloniki and the island of Lesvos by air.